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Welcome to Verifications.Claims, an online venture of Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC, DUBAI - UAE; a group providing comprehensive range of Claim Investigation Services. With partners & associates in more than 115 countries it gives us utmost confidence to work more efficiently. Our network is wide spread in all dimensions of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and South America by covering even the remotest locations which gives us an edge over our competitors in order to provide better services at affordable rates. Our claim investigation services are tailor made to protect the insurance sector. The Insurance sector is very wide and we through our services try to curb the fraudulent activities by assisting the insurance sector on every step. We are here to serve and assist you in taking better informed decisions while passing a claim.

Our experienced and trained partners/associates across the globe have expertise in investigating insurance claim investigation with wide vision. We are holding good reputation in the market and are known to handle any matter of claim investigation with ease. This makes us unique for providing the best services and with quick results. Our team of Claim investigators promises to serve clients round the clock, no matter where you are in any corner of the globe. We follow a simple process while documenting the case but through proper analyzing and directions. We tackle each case with different Modus-Operandi and with this specialization; we undertake all kind of insurance investigation matters ranges from Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigations, Accidental Benefits/Vehicle Crash Claims, Life Insurance Claim Investigations, Third-Party Claim Investigations, Fatal Accident Investigations, Death Verifications and Medi-Claims Investigations and other claim related issues.

We always believe that investigation should be conducted in a manner that we obtain all possible evidences in a particular matter and all the relevant information to save our client’s money. Our team of claim investigators in each country boasts of trained professionals and have capabilities of digging out the true facts of the case. Our services are being used by many insurance companies and they are witness to best quality services we provide and has gained the benefits of our services. We successfully verify the legitimacy of the claims, identifying the liable fraud, false claims and provide best risk management services. The claim investigations mainly are conducted through open enquiries but if the need arises we make discreet investigations with complete confidentiality.

We always try our level best to guide and help our clients by handling the growing problems of Insurance Frauds. There are numerous cases where we abstract the details through different language transcript and our translators compile the reports by translating the reports. We are well equipped with latest equipment’s for surveillance which help us in giving our best and satisfying services.

If you feel suspicious about a claim, we are there to assist you. Our only aim is to serve our clients and provide solutions by suggesting the best ways to curb the fake claims. With our expertise and skills we make it harder for the bogus claimant to succeed. To avail our services based on your need and desirability, kindly contact us on info@verifications.claims according to your requirement and suitability.

Our Services

Death Claim Verifications

Death claim frauds are on a rise these days and such claims are verified by our death claim investigators in an effective way.

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Insurance Claim Investigations

Life insurance policy is basically a promise made by insurer to the insured that he will reimburse a lump sum amount.

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Theft Claim Investigations

It is utmost important for the insurer to ascertain the genuineness of the theft claim which is filed by the insured.

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Alive and Well Check

Alive and well check are basically conducted to verify if the subject’s health status, lifestyle assessment, employment status.

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Travel Insurance Investigations

Our travel claim investigators have the expertise to provide all kind of travel insurance claim investigation services.

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Background Verifications

We have been conducting background screening services from years and have gained expertise in obtaining all the specific details.

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Approach of Investigations


Case Analysis

Scope of work
Objective of finding
Strategy to follow


Field Investigation

Verification of all aspects
Authenticity of the evidences
Statement of witnesses


Case Update

Urgent update
send to clients
on regular basis


Final Report

Concluded with evidences
Case analysis report
All evidences & statements

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