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Welcome to Verifications.Claims, we verify each and every kind of claim for you to take better informed decisions. We represent Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC, DUBAI - UAE; a group with wide range of risk management services with a separate division of insurance Claim investigative services. Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC offers a virtually unlimited list of claim investigation services because of our vast investigators networking. Within our alliance with companies of all sizes and independent agents, we can serve any person or business internationally. Our Services include:-

  • Death Claim Verifications
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Property Claim Investigations
  • Alive and Well Check
  • Background Verifications
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigations

Our Network of insurance claim investigators also consists of experienced law enforcement and intelligence experts with backgrounds from defense, legal, police and security. They are supported by a number of associates with special skill like high-grade technology and IT support, and there exists a capability to deliver fully integrated Security & Verification solutions to Domestic, Multinational corporate and high net worth clients.

We are proud to have our potential partners and associates in more than 115 countries and our network is spread in all dimensions of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and South America by covering even the remotest locations. We work closely with our clients through our international resources which help us in meeting the client’s objectives in an efficient and effective manner. We constantly use various public and proprietary databases and other open sources which provide crucial information that often guides the direction of an investigation. This also proves as a very effective tool in augmenting our human intelligence gathering activities.

We maintain a network of correspondent offices with its international associate/partner firms who are professional, well-established with extensive network, highly reliable & trustworthy and experienced to provide comprehensive investigative and intelligence services according to their respective locales. We provide insurance claim verification services throughout the World even in less accessible areas. Our international associates/partners cover all the regions which includes all over North America, South America, Caribbean islands, Middle East, European countries, United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific, Micronesia, Indian Ocean Islands, North and South Atlantic, Antarctica and African countries.

We always try our level best to guide and help Insurance industry by handling the growing problems of Insurance Frauds. If you feel suspicious about a claim, we are there to assist you. Our only aim is to serve our clients and provide solutions by suggesting the best ways to curb the fake claims. With our expertise and skilled professional claim investigators, we make it harder for the bogus claimant to succeed. We provide a complete protocol of best insurance investigation services which are including so many other relevant factors to an individual, corporation and attorneys. All the assignments are handled by fully trained and experienced claim investigators. Our team of professional insurance claim investigators offer best of insurance related services keeping the needs of clients in mind.

To know more about our insurance claim investigation services or if you have any queries related to claim verifications, kindly write to us at info@verifications.claims. We shall revert shortly, so that you don’t have to wait any further for the solution of your problem.

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