Accidental Benefits & Medi-Claims Investigations

Accident claim frauds is more frequent as people in today’s world are looking for creative ways to make money in this economy. It has been seen that motor vehicle insurance claims are filed in large number and often for small amounts. In such cases, many fraudulent claims may slip through unnoticed in between which causes heavy loses to insurance companies. We at verifications.claim are having expertise in conducting motor vehicle crash claim investigation, accidental claim investigation and many other claims investigations related to accident and injuries. We also conduct medi-claim investigations, to examine the fraud claims which is made up by insured to get the recovery of the medical care, treatments, and hospitalization charges and for the unreal occurrences. Our investigators includes, medicos, paramedics and medical experts who have complete knowledge of conducting a medi-claim investigation and can easily detect fraudulent claims.

Our main aim is to provide best in class motor crash claim investigations/accidental benefits claim investigation, we thoroughly inspect, monitor and investigate the suspicious claims filed. Unfortunately, there are millions who wants to enjoy benefits by making fraud insurance claims. Our Insurance investigation services is an one stop solution for all insurance companies who are bearing the aggrieved torments of higher rise of insurance frauds. Our team is well trained and skilled to take up on any complex accident claim investigation.

We help you uncover the truth and recover what is right. With years of expertise in this field, we have solved many cases for insurance companies and private institutions. With partners/associates in more than 100 countries it gives us immense confidence to undertake any complex matter and conduct in depth investigation. Our associates are well established & carry a good reputation in their locales and are able to assist you in your needs.

We conduct claim investigation in different ways to ensure that the results will be satisfying to the clients. The first and the foremost thing we do is verify the details which lead to conflicts. Secondly, we obtain the clear picture of the whole matter. We collect and verify the below mentioned aspects while conducting Accident claim investigations/Motor crash claim investigations:-

  • Insured’s proper address
  • Date of accident, time and place where accident occurred
  • Detail circumstances of the accident/motor vehicle
  • Description of the injuries/cause of the Insured’s death(if occurred)
  • Motor Vehicle Crash analysis
  • List the names and addresses of all physicians and hospitals that provided treatment to insured
  • Police or other authorities investigate the accident (name and other information of all investigating officers)
  • Autopsy/post-mortem report/medical record from the hospital (name and address of Medical Examiner)
  • Statements of the witnesses, Site visits and scene diagrams
  • Verification of Death certificate/records
  • Copies of police proceedings

If you are suspicious about a claim or want to uncover the real facts, we always have your back and are at standby to fight the fraud claims. Kindly write to us at according to your requirement respectively.

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