Background Verification Services

Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC is a leading Corporate & Commercial Verification firm and is among the largest in the Asia, with the competence to deliver result anywhere throughout the world and in rapid response times. We have been conducting background screening services from years and have gained expertise in obtaining all the specific details about the subject. Background Verification Service is to find out if an applicant is telling the truth on his/her resume and application. Business require background checks to be conducted, to ensure if they are hiring the right person. We have conducted numerous successful employee background checks all across the globe and have provided various corporate sectors and business houses an effective ways to mitigate the risks of employment frauds.

Many companies are using corporate background screening services to avoid the complex decisions followed by negative results. We are providing our clients’ quality background check services which allow you to take prompt actions/decisions for association with others and it may be for corporation or an employee. Our background checks confab the clients with facile services to impart the best under specified protocols. Verification services are not limited only to confirm employment verification, even; we offer the wonderful processes on other area like education, public records, background check and criminal records confirmations by maintaining victim’s privacy.

Our Background Verification Services are mentioned below:-

  • Corporate Background Verification
  • Business background Screening
  • Business Partner Profiling
  • Vendor Background Verification
  • Employee Background Verification
  • Educational Qualification Check
  • Registration and Certificate Check
  • Employment Background Screening
  • International Corporate Records
  • Verification of Labor
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Court and Civil Litigation Check
  • Financial Regulatory Checks
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Insurance Claim Verification

In today’s era, it is really necessary to perform background check of the potential candidates while making a recruitment decision. Whether your company is looking for entry level employment background screening or a more comprehensive professional level program, our team of background screeners will customize a solution that is appropriate for your hiring policy and budget. By creating tailor-made solutions, we shall enable you to make critical decisions relating to hiring management errors.

Our background verification check services, serves a vital part, since we provide you with our background screening services to hedge you against any kind of fraud or fraudsters. Our corporate background check services are effective in the way to achieve best results. It is very important for every company to conduct full fleshed background checks on individual or entity before making a decision of merging. Such hiring can make your organizations vulnerable and exposed to serious threats. We, the corporate background verification services are proven to be the best and consistent in delivering wide range of verification services all across the globe.

We are offering employment verification services all across the globe to make sure your working environment remains same and free from employment frauds and threats. If you needs our employment screening services or have any doubts related to background check service, you can write to us at for further assistance.

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