Death Claim Verifications

Death claim frauds are on a rise these days and such claims are verified by our death claim investigators in an effective way. This results in challenging condition for both insurance companies and claim investigators to investigate such kind of cases. We have successfully solved many death claim cases in which the insured was faking about their deaths. We have been conducting investigations related to insurance frauds and insurance claims from decades and our clients are satisfied with our services. Our top most priority is to keep our client satisfied and clear all their doubts regarding the case, this helps us to maintain long term & trustworthy relationship with the client. With a wide network of partners/associates in more than 100 countries, it makes us available globally to assist our clients easily. Our associates are well established and highly capable of carrying out insurance claim investigations in their respective locales.

In most of the cases we conducted in the past, we found that the claimants; claim money from insurance companies on behalf of fake death claim certificates. Such fraud practice by individuals have a disastrous impact on the insurance companies and this results in heavy loss to them. We have a specialized team to carry out death claim investigations and we ensure you of providing best quality services, with a promise of identifying fraudulent claims. Our complete team of death claim investigators works closely with legal team and with the department of claims with an objective of protecting you from fraudulent claims. We cover below mentioned aspects:-

  • Accidental / Suicide / Homicide verification
  • Investigation of cause and circumstances of death
  • Death certificate / medical records / Autopsy report / Coroner of the deceased
  • Past Health History of deceased
  • Official reports / Public records / Document Retrieval for the verification of death
  • Family Background / Employment background History of the deceased
  • Obtain the information about the cremation / burial / gravesite
  • Photography of scene and statements of witnesses
  • All possible convincing evidences will be covered

It today’s modern era, at least 20% cases are fake and fabricated. In these conditions, we at insurance claim investigators, round up the real death situation and facts, and in depth investigations as well as claimants witness and evidence are verified by thorough investigation. We have seen claimants providing fake certificates such as; death certificate, funeral records, notarized affidavits etc. We have complete know how of tackling such cases and our forensic team is well capable in validating original certificates and pointing out the fake ones. However, our main aim is to collect every relevant evidence and provide you with the real facts. With us you can put your complete trust in us and we help you recover what is right.

If you want to acquire our death claim investigation services in any part of globe, or if you have doubts regarding our insurance claim investigation services, kindly write to us at and we shall get back to you within stipulated time.

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