Disability and Restricted Ability Claims

We conduct disability and restricted ability claims, in which our investigation process is mostly covert and is conducted by our highly skilled investigators. Investigation of disability claims conducted by insurance companies includes, surveillance to determine if the claimant is really disabled or not. We at claim investigators, understand the difference between a legal and an illegal investigation and violation of claimant’s rights. Our insurance claim investigators carry out detailed interviews of both witness & suspects to ascertain if the claim is genuine or not. We make sure the investigation is being carried out discreetly, efficiently and in the most discreet way.

We have been assisting insurance companies, solicitors, loss adjuster from years and they are satisfied with the range of services and the quality we provide. Our claim verification team is consistently finding irrefutable evidences, which allows insurance companies to successfully dispute and negate a false claim.

We are providing below mentioned claim investigations:-

  • Car accident and vehicle repair claim
  • Car accident personal injury claim
  • Personal injury claim at work
  • Health and medical insurance claims
  • Disability and restricted ability claims

We have partners/associates working in more than 100 countries, who are well established and have a good reputation in their respective locales. Through our partners/associates it makes us easily available for you at your locale and provide the best quality services at your doorstep no matter where you are. Our agents too are well experienced in conducting disability claims and we assure you that quality of our service is never compromised in any case.

We assure you of being the best insurance claim investigators, as we have excelled in numerous cases we have undertaken and have saved many big insurance companies from loses. Our efficient team of Insurance claim investigators can help you by conducting effective in-depth analysis and assure to deliver precise information regarding the claim. All your questions related to insurance sector, such as; how to use insurance investigator to protect claim frauds, we have complete solution to all your queries and questions and you are just one step backward from the solution of all your insurance related problems. All the assignments are handled by fully trained and experienced claim fraud investigators.

To know more about our Disability and restricted ability claim investigations or any of our specialized services, kindly write to us at info@verifications.claims according to your requirement respectively. We assure you of getting in touch with you immediately, so that you don’t have to wait any more for the solution of your problem.

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