Life Insurance Claim Investigations

Life insurance policy is basically a promise made by insurer to the insured that he will reimburse a lump sum amount of money to the insured, in occurrence of insured’s death, or any other event such as critical or terminal illness. People now a days are taking advantage of such services and want to take benefits from fake claims. In spite of so many restrictions, many fraud cases and claims registered are cleared out, due to lack of better claim verification process and team. We start our investigation process from the grassroots of the case to obtain relevant evidences and exact facts about the case. Our life insurance claim investigation service help you verify all those suspicious claims, which are filed by the insured for payouts.

We have been seeing that many of the insurance investigation agencies, makes too many irresponsible promises that they itself can’t suffice. Such promises will leave its clients looking bad in front of their supervisors. We at claim investigators understand your complete needs and are fully capable of providing high quality services. We know choosing an investigation agency to verify the suspicious claims isn’t easy and all of the insurance investigation agencies sound the same while offering their services. We assure you of best quality life insurance claim investigation service and also promise you that we will not let you or your company down. We do not accept assignments in which we are not sure of performing well enough, and are not confident. What we do, we do with best interest in mind, and we follow our ethics policy and treat the subject like a real personnel and also respect his/her dignity & rights in the real world.

In today’s modern era, to obtain heavy financial gain, fraudsters are keen to conduct Insurance fraud related to Life Insurance Claims. As, in life insurance claims heavy money is involved, people try to fake their death and their beneficiaries file false claims to insurance companies for payouts. We have solved numerous cases for our clients and sometimes it is difficult to get to the roots of the matter, but with the most skilled claim investigators & in house team we have always completed all our cases successfully with ease. We normally collect and find out the below facts:-

  • An original or certified copy of the policyholder's death certificate
  • Proof of identity as the beneficiary
  • Complete proof of the death
  • Date of, time and place of death
  • Detail circumstances of death
  • Copies of the treatment records (if death occurred due to any ailment)
  • List the names and addresses of all treating physicians and hospitals
  • And other possible details to detect the fraud

Our life insurance claim investigation services are excellent source of detecting difference between genuine or fake claim. If you are suspicious about a claim or want to know more about our claim investigation services, kindly write to us at according to your requirement respectively.

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