Theft Claim Investigations

It is utmost important for the insurer to ascertain the genuineness of the theft claim which is filed by the insured. Our theft claim investigators are well equipped with high tech gadgets and are highly skilled to resolve theft cases to ascertain if the theft claim is genuine or fake. Fraudulent theft claims are mostly seen to be difficult to prove but our verification team of claim investigators is a dedicated team who is well versed with the theft claims in different format. We verify each and every aspect of the theft claim to ascertain the authenticity of the claims. We have been verifying theft cases for insurance companies, business houses etc. from years and they are satisfied with the services we offer on short notices. Our work is appreciated by all of our clients, as we have verified fraud theft claims for them and saved them from huge financial losses.

We investigate various aspects of theft claim investigations:-

  • Confirmation of theft occurred
  • Disguised theft investigation
  • Detail information of theft occurred
  • Value of stolen goods
  • Collecting the evidence/obtaining the statements
  • Forensic investigation of crime scene

Our main objective is to provide accurate services which satisfies our clients and through which we can maintain long term relationships with our clients. Depending on the case, we conduct covert or overt investigations, these operations help us to uncover the truth and let us know the real facts of the case. We assure you that we will uncover the truth and recover what is right. Our key to successful fraudulent theft claim investigations is the ability to find and recognize suspicious factors in claim.

We are working 24/7 to help you by providing consistent high standard services and understand the extensive enquiries related to the Insurance sector. We go through all the issues in complete confidential manner which and a non-disclosure agreement is added where necessary. We show you the right ways to tackle bogus or fake claimants and help suggest the best ways to handle a claim. Our reports, consist of complete facts and happenings, site visit details, interviews of people, damage caused, theft details etc. On the basis of our reports, it will help you take better informed decisions on such fake claims.

To know more about our theft claim investigations or any of our specialized services, kindly write to us at according to your requirement respectively. We assure you of getting in touch with you immediately, so that you don’t have to wait any more for the solution of your problem.

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