Third-Party Claim Investigations

In today’s modern era, insurance companies have been experiencing fake third party fake claims. Most of the insurance companies are facing fake third party claims and are suffering from heavy loss. Fraudsters conduct fraud in several ways and has everything planned in their head. They pretend to be relatives or come forward as claimants and gain the benefits of the insurance policy. These acts become scam of millions of dollars every year to the insurance companies. Our third party claim investigators are have the competency to provide all kind of third party claim investigation services to stop the fraudsters to gain financial benefits from you.

We give every investigation our best shot and help you uncover the truth and recover what is right. With years of expertise in conducting insurance investigations, we have solved numerous cases for insurance companies and private institutions. We have partners/associates in more than 100 countries which gives us immense amount of confidence to undertake any case with ease and we are specialized in conducting in-depth investigations. Our partner/associates are well established and has an excellent reputation in their respective locale. We are working continuously to provide top notch insurance claim investigation services at your doorstep.

They verify each and every aspect of the claim with their vigil eyes and ascertain the authenticity of the claims:-

  • Our preliminary Investigation includes the police records like the FIR Charge sheet, sketches, wound certificate and copies of which documents are usually collected from the Police Station where the crime / accident is reported. In case of death the documents like the inquest and the order / judgment of the criminal case is collected from the concerned court.
  • Our In depth investigation of the preliminary documents gathered during the investigations to verify them from the responsible source and to verify with the physical investigations.
  • The complete investigation of accident and reports.

Insurance has become a way of getting a prosperous and happy life, taking guaranteed protection of our personal assets, business and properties etc. it has become much easier to live with a peace of mind. For now, if we have insured our asset or something, and if any disaster occurs in the meantime, insurance companies are there to reimburse the loss. But fraudsters, want to take advantage of such services, by filing fake claim requests for financial gains. We at claim investigators are well experienced in conducting third party claim investigations and stopping the fraudsters at an early stage.

To know more about our Third-Party Claim Investigations service or any of our specialized services, kindly write to us at according to your requirement respectively. We assure you of getting in touch with you immediately, so that you don’t have to wait any more for the solution of your problem.

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