Travel Insurance Claim Investigations

Our travel claim investigators have the expertise to provide all kind of travel insurance claim investigation services. We detect fraud and identify fraudsters who have tendency to file the fake claims to get benefits from their fake travel insurance claim. They try to recover losses from insurance companies which are unreal or fabricated. We at claim investigators have successfully solved numerous fake claims through our in-depth investigation techniques and our skilled investigators. Despite the fact that travel claims are difficult to detect and tackle, our investigators and experts have the complete knowledge and exposure to handle travel claim investigations for insurers. When you want to know the hard facts, about travel insurance claims including all the factors such as; loss of laptop, cameras or items over $1000, theft claim, injury claim etc. we are able to locate witnesses, conduct necessary investigations, and complete details about the case.

We are here to provide best verification services in your locale at best affordable rates. Our investigators personally meet the subject and inspect the whole scene and health status of the insured and collect all the relevant evidences in order to avoid the payout by the insurer if the claim is fake and unreal. We ensure the subject person’s identity is verified and if required, a photograph is obtained for further processes. Well it completely depends on the investigation, that whether the case would require surveillance and photographic identification of people, property etc. involved in the investigation. We provide complete range of services and have complete expertise in conducting surveillance in toughest conditions.

Our strategy of fraud detection is concluded with all the aspects of travelling fraudulent claim viz:-

  • Date of travelling
  • Identity documents submitted for tickets
  • Details of departure and arrival
  • Mode of travelling (train, bus, flight)
  • Staying arrangement at the proposed place
  • Time duration of tour etc.

Our main aim is to provide best in class insurance investigation services to claim handlers. We help them to adhere a comprehensive investigative plan that is appropriate for every claim which balance the risk of fraud and that too at reasonable cost of investigation. We are consistent in providing high standard of service, and understand the nature of extensive queries related to the insurance sector. You can completely depend on our insurance claim investigation agency, to investigate on your behalf and provide a clear picture and timely comprehensive reports. We assure you of providing best travel claim insurance investigative services at your doorstep at economical prices. Our team of claim investigators is well equipped with latest gadgets and their experience takes care of the rest.

If you are suspicious about a claim or want to uncover the real facts, we always have your back and are at standby to fight the fraud claims. Kindly write to us at according to your requirement respectively.

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