Claim Verification Services in UAE

Welcome to UAE claim investigators, proud providers of UAE Insurance fraud investigation services. We are providing complete range of claim verification services in UAE, which help our take better informed decision regarding an insurance claim. We have been providing insurance claim verification services to various individuals, corporate organizations, insurance companies and financial institutions in UAE at its best quality and at affordable rates. In today’s era, insurance fraud is considered as the costliest white collar crimes in many countries, therefore the need of claim investigation has become essential. With an experience of over a decade, we have solved thousands of cases related to claim verification for law firms and insurance companies.

Insurance companies are well aware of the static data, about the fraudulent claims made every years and the amount which is involved is beyond estimation. We strongly recommend that every suspicious claim made must be verified and deeply investigated by UAE insurance claim investigator. Insurance fraud investigators in UAE has helped many business organizations which have relations with auto insurance, Health insurance, Loss adjusting organizations and many more. Our team of insurance fraud investigators in UAE has the complete know how of handling an insurance claim matter, being a local company we know the culture and rules of UAE which helps us in conducting claim verification in the correct manner. We have our associates and partners in over 100 countries which make us even more confident to take on any insurance fraud case and provide complete assistance anywhere in the globe. Our range of tailor made Claim Verification Services are as follows:-

  • Accidental Benefits/Vehicle Crash Claims/Medi-Claims Investigations in UAE
  • Death Claim Verifications in UAE
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigations in UAE
  • Property Claim Investigations in UAE
  • Subrogation & Recovery Investigations in UAE
  • Theft Claim Investigations in UAE
  • Third-Party Claim Investigations in UAE
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigations in UAE
  • Disability and restricted ability claims in UAE
  • Alive and Well check in UAE
  • Medical tourism in UAE
  • Background verification services in UAE

Our team consists of well trained professionals who are well able to conduct discreet as well as open investigations. Our in house team always makes sure to keep an update on the ongoing cases, and maintains a track record of every claim assignment. In order to avoid the payout for the false claim it is necessary to obtain hard evidences to prove the claim is fraud or being faked by the insured. For this we strongly recommend UAE Insurance fraud investigation services, which includes on ground investigations to uncover the truth.

Our associates are very well experienced in fraud insurance claim investigations in UAE and well known in their respective locale consequently we can give you the best and prompt service. Indeed we cover all over UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.

To know more about our above mentioned claim investigation services in UAE, or if you have queries related to insurance frauds in UAE, kindly write to us at with all your requirements respectively.

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